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Wood Rifle Grip Photo Gallery

Czech VZ58 Rifle

The VZ58 is chambered for the same 7.62x39mm cartridge used by AK rifles. Externally it looks similar to an AK, but internally it works on a different principle. It has a very nice milled receiver and a better safety than the AK.

Some of the early VZ58s had beech wood furniture, but later rifles were fitted with reddish brown components made from wood chips and resin. Not particularly attractive but inexpensive and functional. I made a few furniture sets from curly cherry, which you will see in the photos that follow.

Curly Cherry VZ58 with Bipod - the bipod attaches to the bayonet lug
Curly Cherry VZ58 with bipod

After and Before - The before rifle came with a side folding stock
After and before photo

VZ58 with Folding Stock and Matching Bayonet
VZ58 with folding stock

VZ58 Curly Cherry Furniture Set
VZ58 furniture set

VZ58 Bayonet Closeup - The synthetic bayonet handles have been replaced with cherry
VZ58 bayonet closeup

Notice the Close Fit of Cherry Handguard - compared to the original factory fit in the insets
Close hanguard fit

Repurposing that Extra Guitar Hanger in the Office
Gun and guitars

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Hungarian FEG AMD65 Rifle

The AMD65 is an unusual AK variant. It has both a rear and forward grip. Early AMD65s had beech grips, like its predecessor the AMD63. Later rifles had polymer grips that were blue/gray/green(?). The position of the forward grip provides very little clearance for removing 30 round magazines, which may be the reason these rifles were often equipped with 20 round magazines known as tankers.

The cherry replacement grip in the photo was made so that it attaches slightly forward from the position of the stock grip. This reduces interference between the grip and the magazine.

AMD65 with Curly Cherry Grips
AMD65 with cherry grips

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Yugoslavian Zastava NPAP Rifle

The NPAP has a teak butt stock and handguards, with a black plastic grip. This rifle is a natural for a replacement teak grip finished with several coats of 100% tung oil.

NPAP with Large M76 Style Teak Grip - The M76 style sniper grip is a popular replacement grip on all of the Zastava rifles
NPAP rifle with teak grip

Closeup of NPAP with Large M76 Style Teak Grip
Closeup of NPAP rifle with teak grip

Wood Version of an M70 Style Grip on NPAP
Wood M70 style grip on NPAP

Yugoslavian Zastava M70ABM Rifle

This is an M70 rifle with an underfolding metal stock, original wood handguards, and a milled receiver. It had a surplus M70 black plastic grip which I replaced with a wood grip modeled after the original.

Wood Version of an M70 Style Grip on an M70ABM Rifle
Wood M70 style grip on M70ABM rifle

Closeup of an M70ABM Rifle with M70 Style Wood Grip
Closeup of an M70ABM rifle with M70 style wood grip

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Teak Grips

Teak, cherry, and walnut are my favorite woods for making rifle grips, stocks, and handguards. Of the three teak is by far the most expensive. The color and grain pattern of teak varies from light blonde with almost no grain pattern to dark brown that has a grain pattern almost like marble. It is naturally weather resistant and finishes beautifully using 100% pure tung oil.

M76 Style Teak Grips

M76 Style Large Teak Grip, Light Color
M76 style large teak grip, light color

M76 Style Large Teak Grip, Medium Color
M76 style large teak grip, medium color

M76 Style Large Teak Grip, Darker Color
M76 style large teak grip, darker color

M76 Style Large Teak Grip, Highly Figured
M76 style large teak grip, highly figured

M76 Style Slim Teak Grip
M76 style slim teak grip

M76 Style Slim Teak Grip, Darker Color
M76 style slim teak grip, darker color

Ergonomic Style Grips

Ergonomic Style Teak Grip, Lighter Color
Ergonomic style teak grip, lighter color

Ergonomic Style Teak Grip, Darker Color
Ergonomic style teak grip, darker color

Ergonomic Style Teak Grip, Highly Figured
Ergonomic style teak grip, highly figured

Yugo Ergonomic Style Checkered Wood Grip
Ergonomic Wood Grip

Compare Wood vs. Original Plastic NPAP Grip

Teak Grips for Riley Defense RAK-47-C Rifle

Compare Teak Grip with Original Grip
Compare teak grip with original grip

Profile Comparison
Profile comparison

Teak Grips Next to Original Stock and Handguards
Teak grips next to original stock and handguards

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Miscellaneous Grips

AK Type 1 Grips

The AK Type 1 was only made until 1951 and surviving examples are very rare. They were equipped with a checkered two piece wood grip plate that were attached to a sheet metal tang by a machine screw. Russian armorers replaced damaged wood grip plates with bakelite grips. Most of the surviving wood grips are so badly worn that you can barely see the checkering. Our grips are ready to install using your original grip screw and do not require any modification to fit.

AK Type 1 Grips

Original AK Type 1
Original AK Type 1

Type 1 Grip Reproduction on Riley Defense RAK47-C
AK Type 1 Grip Reproduction on RAK47-C

Chinese Norinco Style Grips

Chinese Norinco style grips

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