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AK Style Rifle Grip Fitting Guide

Grip Screw

The pistol grip on most AK style rifles attaches to the rifle receiver using a long machine screw. This screw runs through the center of the grip and threads into a grip nut that is attached to the receiver.

The grip screw is 100mm long (about 4"), not including the screw head. The screw threads are always 6mm x 1.0mm. The original AK grip screws had a small slotted head, but you may see grip screws that have a larger head designed to be attached with a 5mm Allen wrench. All of our wood grips accept either type of grip screw.

Grip Screw Comparison
Grip screw types

Grip Nut

There are two types of grip nuts used on AK style rifles. The type of grip nut used on your rifle determines the type of wood grip that you should use.

The first type is a T-nut that fits into a square hole in the receiver. This grip nut is used on what we will call Russian pattern rifles; such as Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Chinese, and of course Russian. If your rifle has a T-nut you can use any of our grips with a model number that starts with R70.

The second type of grip nut is riveted to the receiver. It is used on Yugoslavian pattern rifles. Use any grip with a model number starting with Y65.

There is about a 5 degree difference in grip angle between the two types of grip nuts. Because the T-nut fits loosely in the receiver it may be possible to use either type of grip on rifles with a T-nut. We do not recommend using a Y65 grip with a T-nut because this causes the T-nut to rock rearward in the receiver and reduces the contact area between the T-nut and the receiver. Always use an R70 grip with a T-nut and a Y65 grip with a riveted grip nut for a perfect fit.

Grip Nut Comparison
Grip nut types

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