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Wood Rifle Grips for Sale

New Grips Added 4/7/2022

At one time most firearm grips, both on handguns and rifles, were made from wood. Now most are plastic, polymer, or composite. None of these modern products have the look, warmth, and individual character of a wood grip.

Standard grips are $45.95 each. Grips with grip lines cut into them, like the Chinese Norinco Style Grips or the Yugo M70 Style Grips with Lines, are $49.95, and grips that are checkered are $52.95. Red grips are $3.00 additional. Shipping is $4.95 per grip by USPS First Class mail with tracking.

In Stock Grips Ready to Ship Today...

Grips with a bold number in the center of the photograph are available to ship now. If you see one that you want send me an email message ( ). Include the grip number and I will send you a PayPal invoice. When you receive the invoice please take a minute to complete the transaction. I will mail your grip as soon as I receive shipping instructions from PayPal.

Note: PayPal does not require you to have an account with them in order to make payment. Click on the link in the PayPal invoice and PayPal will guide you through the payment process. Make sure that your shipping address is correct in PayPal. If you do not know how to verify the shipping address in PayPal then email the correct address to me before you pay the invoice!

The grips with numbers on the photo are the actual grip that you will receive.

Note About Grip Fit - Read Before Buying...

Yugoslavian / Serbian / Zastava pattern AK rifles have a different grip screw angle than most other AK style rifles. The model numbers on my grips distinguish between the two types. Grips with model numbers starting with Y65 are Yugo style grips and those grips with the model number starting with R70 fit all other AK type rifles. See the grip fitting guide to identify the type of grip nut your rifle has before you place an order.

Note About Color Match - Read Before Buying...

Different devices display color differently. You've seen this in the TV department of Big Box electronic stores. Twenty TVs will be tuned to the same channel and the color will be different on each brand. I photograph my grips in a light box and take reasonable care that the grip I see on my screen looks like the grip I am holding in my hand. Beyond that I make no guarantee regarding color match.

The same goes for any photograph that you send to me. Your photo may look different on your device than it does on my computer display. Here is a composite of two photos of the same stock, taken by the same person, using the same camera. Would you believe that this is the same stock?

Same stock, different colors

Need a New Grip Screw?

My grips attach with either the standard slotted head grip screw or the high strength alloy grip screw with the Allen head. I carry the Allen head grip screw for $5.00 each.
Save $4.95 Postage - Order one with your grip purchase and I will include it in the shipment with your grip. No additional shipping charges apply.

Grip Screw

Is Your Grip Screw Long Enough? - A standard length grip screw is 100mm long (about 4") not including the screw head. If you are replacing a hollow plastic grip you may find that the original grip screw is too short to use with your new wood grip. This is very comon with the Hungarian AMD65, some Zastava ZPAPM70 rifles, and any AK that has a US Palm AK Grip.

AK Style Grips (R70 Models)

These grips fit all AK type rifles where the grip attaches to a T-nut that sits in a square hole in the receiver. See the grip fitting guide to identify the type of grip nut your rifle has.

#3 - Russian Style Type 1 Grip (R70Type1PC1 $52.95)
The AK Type 1 was only made until 1951 and surviving examples are very rare. They were equipped with a checkered two piece wood grip plate that was attached to a sheet metal tang by a machine screw. Our Type 1 reproduction grips will give your rifle the look of the original AK. The grip attaches without any modification using your existing grip screw.

3 - Russian Style Type 1 Grip

#7 - Teak Ergonomic Grip (R70ErgoTk7 $45.95)
7 - Teak Ergonomic Grip

Yugoslavian / Serbian / Zastava Style Grips (Y65 Models)

These grips fit all AK type rifles where the grip attaches to a grip nut that is riveted to the receiver. See the grip fitting guide to identify the type of grip nut your rifle has.


If you did not find the grip you are looking for then check out the examples of previously available grips. If you see one there that you like send me an email message ( ) and describe the type of grip that you are interested in. I will add it to my ToDo list and contact you when I have some available.

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