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Star Model BM

The Spanish Star Model BM is similar to the Browning M1911 but chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge instead of .45 ACP. This was the sidearm of the Spanish Guardia Civil. Over the past several years many thousands of these pistols have been imported into the US.

You can buy a Star BM in good condition for about $200 and in excellent condition for about $250 to $275. Most are shipped with the original cardboard or plastic box and include one 8 round magazine. They may or may not have a user manual in Spanish (see here for an English version) and a cleaning rod and brush.

Star Model BM with Bloodwood Grips and New Old Stock Guardia Civil Leather Holster
Star BM with Holster

Star BM with Original Box and Spare Magazine
Star BM with Box

Star BM with Original Spanish Manual and English Language Reproduction
Star BM with Manuals

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